Examination Checklist Print

Checklist For Examinations

  1. Check your examination timetable on your portal page prior to starting your examinations to ensure that you are certain of all dates, times and venues.

  2. Ensure you are familiar with the Colleges's examination regulations

  3. You are required to bring your current student identification card to all examinations.

  4. Reference your seat number outside the exam centre before entering the room. (You are NOT required to sign the list displayed outside the venue.) You will receive a different seat number for each exam. Please ensure that you sit in the correct seat.

  5. Some items not permitted in the examination centres:
    • Mobile phones
    • Text storing or programmable calculators
    • Notes/books of any kind (unless expressly approved)
    • Pencil cases
    • Paper, log tables, statistic tables, graph paper, formula (all supplied by the invigilator)
    • Food and drink

      (Please refer to the Examination Regulations for comprehensive guidance regarding this)
  6. When you receive the examination paper, check the paper to ensure that you have been given the correct paper.

  7. Ensure that all the details are completed on the front of your answer booklet before returning it to the invigilator.

  8. If you have any queries during the examination, if you have forgotten an item of stationery or are feeling unwell you can discuss these issues with one of the invigilators.