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Contract Cheating PDF Print E-mail

Contract Cheating

What is contract cheating?

It’s where companies offer to write assignments, essays and even theses for third level students.

They’re really good at targeting and exploiting students they think might be struggling, especially as we come to the end of a semester. 

View this video for more information

What happens if you use Essay Mills and contract cheat?

It undermines the integrity of your qualification, stunts your academic development and is now against the law.

If you’re caught using Essay Mills, you can lose your place on your course, have your degree revoked or have your marks downgraded. Hardly worth the risk, is it?

What you should do

  1. Report the Essay Mill to QQI
  2. Get Help from people who care - Essay Mills say they want to help you but in fact exploit you. Some even threaten students that they will tell their college they provided the service for you.

It’s your lecturers, programme administration manager, student affairs coordinator and staff in the Registrar’s Office that really want to help you to fulfil your potential and succeed academically. All you have to do is ask!

For further information on academic integrity click here


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